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You are what you eat.

Familiar with that kind of words? Yes, in some sense we do represent what we eat but I think the much correct way to put it is like this:

You are what you read.

Physically it might be true that we tend to become what we eat. But what we think, how do we behave, how we interpret thing in life depend mostly on what we read. What we read accumulates in our mind and become a perception. 

It is on that basic perception that we will build our reason to act and react on information that we received. Humans are not only physical, human also consist of intellectual and emotional aspect. This aspect is basically shaped by what kind of material its been fed during their development process. That development however is lifelong, humans have a capability to learn and acquire new information through out the life. Intellect is getting better with age while physical aspect might deform.

So, if you’re on your early age, why not do yourself a favor by reading lots of book?