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Everyone made mistake right. Sometimes you did it by chance, not knowingly. There is no  problem in making mistakes, by the way, we mature and grow my learning from our past mistakes. But, we do have  to pay for the mistake that we have done, be it by intention or not.

If you happen to get parking ticket in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), it is a common thing. Sometimes there is no sign that say you cannot park, sometime the sign is there, but you didn’t notice it.

Either way if you get the ticket you have to pay for it. Normally the parking fines is RM25, but you can get RM15 discount if you made a letter and give it to the security office along with your parking ticket.

While you might think that composing a letter might be troubling, since you don’t know what to write, and the security officer won’t give you any sample either, here me coming to save you. You can download a sample letter (discount for parking fines in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia) from here, just change a few details on it according to your situation. By the way, the letter is in Bahasa Melayu.