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Student life is a very memorable time in our lifetime. It is very fun and un-laborious time of life (although if you are still studying , you don’t feel like it yet). You will have a circle of friend around you, just have to think about study and where to eat. You don’t have many commitment to think about. After you finish, the big question come, whats next?

This question actually have no straight forward answer. It depends on various aspect. What do you want in life? What is your financial condition currently? These are some example questions that you need to clarify first before attempting to answer the big question.

This decision though, must not be done carelessly and quickly. Do some research, talk to your seniors, and give yourself a time to hear other peoples advice. Most important, consult with your parent and love ones. Important decision in life must consider your love one in it.

To help yourself why not join in Mega Careers & Study Fair 2015 happening at KLCC on 7-8 February 2015. The admission is free of charge. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) is also will be exhibiting, where you can shoot your question and discover various opportunities to further your studies.