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Nuclear power has long been used by human, many countries such as Japan and Germany powered their country by using nuclear energy. In contrast with energy produced by the burning of hydrocarbon fuel, nuclear energy seem to have extra advantage, it is relatively cleaner and much more environmental friendly as it doesn’t release any harmful gases to the atmosphere.

Nuclear energy also capable of generating energy with lower cost, it is much more stable as it does not depend on the global market price of oil and natural gasses. It is cheaper.

Sounds great right? Actually, it is not cost free, there is a risk, high risk. Unlike other power plant, nuclear power plant will spell catastrophic if any accident occurs. The effect of a blowout might still be felt after 100 years, Chernobyl is one of the example. The catastrophic effect might not effect one country, it might spread and cause a global pollution if there is a leak.

Malaysia is now preparing to add nuclear as its power source, and already set up the Malaysian Nuclear Power Corporation (MNPC) in 2011, and the nuclear power also was included as an entry point project in the Economic Transformation Programme 2010.

While nuclear energy might give Malaysia a cleaner energy at a lower cost. A thorough analysis still need to be done to analyze the safety factor of the plant. The public opinion must also be address before any major step is taken.