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There is no doubt that education is the essential and important part for human development. It is not an exaggeration I think if we would place education as a basic human needs after oxygen, water and food.

It is through education we could build a strong nation and strong future. Educated minds will bring not only material wealth for the population, but also can create a stable and harmony socio-economic development.

Realizing the importance of education especially in the early development of children, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) through its Islamic Centre has launched a special fund to develop new school for children inside UTM called ‘Tabung Pembangunan Sekolah Agama UTM’.

You also can contribute to realize this mission by donating. The fund can be donated via online or directly at the counter in Masjid Sultan Ismail. Donation also can be made through cheque at UTM Bursary to Pusat Islam UTM.

Thanks for your support!