Events Organization Checklist

UTM Corporate Affairs Office (CAO) Responsibilities

1. Invitation (Senior Officers of UTM Kuala Lumpur)

– please inform the guests that are to be invited

2. Master of Ceremony (Payment of RM50)

3. Doa Reciter (if necessary)

4. Decoration Necessities (skirting, tablecloth, etc).

5. Media (if the organiser intends to invite the media)

6. Photographer

7. Usherettes (work together with the organiser)

8. Tagging & Layout

9. MoU Equipment (Pen, Roller, Folder, Name Stand, Document for printing – please email the latest version)

10. Designing of ebanner



Responsibilities of the Organiser

1. Logistic (booking of halls & dining, PA System)

2. Programme Itinerary

3. Invitation (letters to UTM VC – as the signatory of MoU/ officiator, internal invitation;those related to the organiser & external invitations)

4. NC Speech Text (email to CAO one week prior to the event for editing)

5. Salutations & Guest List (action from Organiser & CAO)

6. MoU Document

7. Souvenirs

8. Backdrop / Bunting

9. Programme Book

10. VIP & Media Reception