07 – 55 30308 corporate@utm.my

Corporate Planning

The Corporate Planning Unit of Office of Corporate Affairs is responsible in:

University Strategic Planning Secretariat

  1. Coordinating the University Strategic Planning workshop
  2. Collating, coordinating, monitoring and analyzing the university’s  KAI achievements
  3. Producing strategic planning report for stakeholders
  4. Facilitating the strategic planning of other units

Institutional Project Management Office  Secretariat

  1. Coordinating  the KPI target setting
  2. Collecting  KPI achievements for each Critical Agenda Project (CAP) and updating  e- Project Management Office  (ePMO)

 Community Engagement (CE)  programmes

  1. Planning, coordinating and implementing the university CE programmes
  2. Compiling community engagement reports.

For more information about Corporate Planning Unit, please contact:

Ms. Fadhilah Noor Basir
Assistant Registrar
Phone: 07- 5530373
Email: fadhilahnoor@utm.my