07 – 55 30308 corporate@utm.my

About Us

Our Vision

To be an excellent centre for Corporate Communication.

Our Mission

To promote and uphold UTM’s image and reputation
through strategic communication.

Office of Corporate Affairs (HEK)

HEK is a division within the 
Chancellery of

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM),

which supports the university top management

in the university strategic corporate communication,

public relation, branding as well as the

media house for the university.

One stop centre for communication. 

We serve as communication centre internally

and to external parties through various media

channels (digital media, social media, printed media).

Creative media house.


Our job is to plan and produce creative content
for publicity and branding of the university.
We produce designs, photos, promotional videos

and multimedia content.

University event manager.

HEK manages university-level corporate
events and assist other events floor-manager
to adhere to protocols and liaisons.

Digital branding.

HEK manages university reputation through the 
university website. 

Our webteam manages web servers, university web contents, 
as well asassisting all faculties and department

in developing and managing websites.